If it was a dream...

In my dream, I saw this 'painting' through my eyes, and camera!

If that was a dream,
it was a really wonderful and unforgettable one.

I still remembered.
Everything was still so vivid in mind,
as if all were happened just yesterday.

In my dream,
I met angels from around, who love drinking good wines and having good food;
I was lying on the grass, seeing the blue sky above,
and watching the clouds move.
I breathed.
I felt the morning mist, and the smell of the wet grass.

In my dream,
I climbed up to the mountain,
and I saw the valley down under my feet.
Up there, I got my glass of white wine for breakfast.
It was just amazing!

In my dream,
I was thinking what if I would never wake up.
Shall I just stay here in my dream,
and forget all things around?

I knew it was not a dream.
Everything was so real,
but too real to believe.
Then that made it as if everything was a dream.

Now, I am here, I am back to everything I was used to.
My family, my friends, my room, the humid air, the dinners and gatherings...
The dream is over, but it has never gone far.
It has always been in my heart.

P.S. If it was a dream, shall I just stay there in my dream,
and forget all things around?
My answer is NO, I want to wake up.
I should not be staying always in THAT dream only.
I have to go out and see, and keep dreaming something else.
That would help me keep going, keep searching, keep exploring, and keep learning.

My next dream - South America!!

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