Dare to make a difference?

Looking there at the sky in front of me,
I was stunned.

Seeing the clouds move, and then move away, disappear.
All made me feel interesting.
Of course, all everything could be explained in a scientific way -
how clouds are formed, how they move, what that means for the weather.
Yet, why is there on earth something called 'cloud'? I am really curious to know.

In local Chinese, there is saying that if you are like a cloud,
that means you don't know what you want somehow.
You are basically in the mystery - not knowing what to do.

However, I see it in different way.

I have seen quite different shapes of clouds.
They all mean something indeed.
And if you see some clouds in grey or almost turning to black,
that means thunderstorm is coming!

Clouds are there to tell something.
And they are never the same as other clouds.
Every single one is unique.

I am no way a scientist,
so I don't bother to understand how clouds are formed
and why they are in different shapes.
But I do like looking at the clouds,
and seeing the different shapes.
I somehow imagine there is 'flexibility' among the moisture making up the clouds.

So, how about our lives?
Can we really live our lives like a cloud?

I could remember when I was a child,
my teacher scolded at me, saying that I was like a cloud.
Just there not doing anything, not thinking, not understanding the teaching,
not hearing her words, etc... put it simple, i now interpret as 'you are so stupid'.

Now, thinking back - well, does it really matter?
It's probably just a way of different interpretation.
I now see the cloud as 'flexible', 'able to change', 'could tell something',
or even 'could predict the weather coming up'.
What if I put all these into our lives? That sounds good indeed!

What I wanna say at the end,
I think there are always two ways to see one single thing.
No matter it's a person, it's a place, it's a debate...
Of course, there are 'norms', or some 'rules of games',
but at the end, there are always 'left' and 'right', 'positive' and 'negative'.

I don't believe that if 9 out of 10 agreed to something,
all 9 of them are really 'correct'.
In fact, if the ONE speaks up,
perhaps the scene will be 4 agreed as originally confirmed,
but 6 will turn out going against that.

That's why at the end,
I guess what matters is whether someone will come out and speak up.
Plus, dare to make a difference.

I was so much into reading speech before.
I like reading all kinds of speech from the protest ones, the speech by the American President,
the Queen, the Prime Minister...
Sometimes, I would find the video clip and watch it over, how they deliver the speech.

All I see, I read, I hear - is their determination to make a difference.
I am not saying that just by shouting out, things will change.
Making the change requires hard work, and solid foundation in realizing the 'change'.
Yet, to make it, the first thing is the battle inside one's mind.

For sure, making the change, making the difference,
also requires some sort of sacrifice -
maybe giving up something today, in order to gain something in the future,
yet something not 'guaranteed'.

Is it like gambling, or investment?
You name it in your way.

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