I saw the untouchable dream.

It was quite a weird day today.
Or I should say it has been quite a weird week.

These days, I had quite some chats around
with friends, with family, and people whom I have not met for some time as we were all too busy.

We talked, we shared -
about happiness, excitement, childhood memories, work, love,
moody moments, laughter with tears, sadness with smile...

I found that I have been away for lot of time,
I wasn't here by their side.
Perhaps I knew it for long time,
but still - I wanted to go out and see the BIG BIG WORLD.
I wanted to take a deep breathe out there, and see if the smell is the same;
I wanted to see the sky, and have a look at how blue it is.

Today, I am here.
I was listening to the stories from my friends,
hearing the voices from my family,
and the scream from my little baby nephew.

I am ready to devote all my energy to work, family, love, friends, passions...

BUT, The thought of 'I AM HERE' made me feel weird this week.
Why was that - I have been thinking of going away as far as I can,
how come all a sudden I would say 'I am here'?
I asked myself.

Then today, I got the answer when I sent my friend a text message.
I was telling him that 'I saw the untouchable dream'.

I realized that I am only PHYSICALLY here, but
my mind is there with 'the untouchable dream'.

'The untouchable dream' has always been in mind probably.
However, it's just a dream - without any form,
not even something you could describe in words,
and you just can't touch it, hold it, or see it.

But today,
I felt like I saw it - 'the untouchable dream'.
Seeing that made me think it has become reachable.
Perhaps that is the reason for 'why I am here?'.

To reach the dream,
I have to be here, keep going,
and keep moving forward.
And, simply devote all my energy to work, family, love, friends, passions...

Then one day, a dream will no longer be just a dream.
I will be able to touch the dream.
In fact, I will be living there forever, because I have it realized!

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