A kind of distance (II)


I believed there are quite some kinds of interaction between man and woman. Some of those are just superficial, not really 'friends'; some of those are really friends, they talk whatever they feel like, could be just something out of imagination or something about reality, all the sharings are really from deep inside their hearts; others are couples who would eventually get married.

I know friends who are quite into each other. They talk whatever, share all the laughter and tears. Yet, they wouldn't go with each other even though they both felt some kind of 'connection' in between. They know for sure that they could only be friends for the rest of their lives.

Actually, I once asked my friend, why that could happen. Why keeping that distance, and not just go closer to each other & stay together? -- that's the thought 10 years ago.

Today, 10 years later, my mind has changed after some life experiences about health, work, family, and relationship. I found it's sometimes good indeed to keep some distance away from somebody. Just not to let the relationship go further...

Once I thought that's either because one is not confident at walking rest of life together, or just doesn't have that courage. Later, I realized that there could be mutual understanding between them. And there is somehow a taste of love indeed.

In fact, such taste of love could be two feel a great sense of connection. Probably love doesn't mean that two have to go together, get married, and live together; even if two get married, it doesn't mean that there is true love between them.

P.S. Some friends did leave me messages after I wrote a quick line about 'a kind of distance' on facebook. One sugggested me listening to a song, another was mentioning a movie.

I listened to the song, and felt it's more about someone passed away, the partner could no longer hear his/ her breathe. All he/she could do is to feel the 'zero distance' in heart... whilst in the movie, it seemed to tell even two are together, they could be far apart from each other at heart.

Well, I think both of these are different from that kind of distance in my mind. The one I have in mind doesn't make people sad or regret. The distance is making a truly loving relationship. It makes two get even closer, and the relationship last forever.

At the 'wine + food tasting' afternoon, I was looking at the glass on the table next to me, and the sunset. There, I felt like seeing that kind of distance. It's reachable, but you just don't wanna catch it...

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