The green under sunshine

Thanks for my devil-angel friend's invitation to go out for a drink on this Saturday night. Not going to Central which is just close-by, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui across the Victoria Harbour.

So there I was walking to the pier in Central, then I took the ferry.

I like taking ferry. Just simply because I felt happy to see the harbourview, and enjoy the seabreeze. And ferry is not that 'automatic' as compared to other transportation means in town. I chose to go on the lower deck. There I could hear the sound of the engine, smell the gas from the machine room, plus see what the sailors do there. Somehow interesting indeed.

Across the harbour, we went to a bar where we could see the full harbourview. All I could see were the buildings in fog, and the colorful lights. Looking at those, I asked my friends what the people in there could see - would it be just the fog?

All a sudden, I felt these buildings were like strangers to me. On the other hand, the fog made me feel so bored.

I could remember the foggy morning overseas, but sunrise would have got the fog away. Fog would be replaced by the sunshine. However, in Hong Kong, I just felt the humidity and the boredom only.

The foggy night also reminded me of the sunshine after rain in Australia a few weeks ago. Also, the green under sunshine indeed.

I love blue. I love green, too.

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