Finally, I started writing.

Since I came back from Australia almost 3 weeks ago, I have been trying to adjust my life back to 'normal'. It's all about adjusting the pace, the view on life, and the view of wines.

Probably because this trip was mainly for learning purpose, and most of the itinerary was not under my control. So, selecting what I like & what I'd prefer to write out of the whole lot of information I got was just... HUGE LOAD OF WORK!

Also, as my itinerary was so well-planned, and I got a very tight schedule, I didn't really get a very good sense of location when I was there. Not to miss, all my mind was with the wines - the taste, vinegrowing, winemaking, the philosophies from the masters...

Basically, everything just was mixed all together after my journey of 17 days.

Well, but on the other hand, I should be happy about this. I bet all those actually tell my trip was such a fruitful and meaningful one. In fact, what I've gained from the trip was bit more than what I was expecting before.

Finally, after the 3 weeks of adjustment, I got my body more used to where I am now. I also got my mind put together, and I could write in Chinese by now!

So now, I can start writing - putting down everything in my wine journal & travel journal.

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