Here we are.

The first weekend after I came back was gone.

On Friday, I was there having a glass of white wine in the early afternoon,
reading the book I bought from Australia - titled 'The Good Life'.
That's the one about the Post-911 lives of a few New Yorkers.

Saturday evening, I went to the Annual Dinner at a club,
where there were heaps of Portuguese mood and smell.
I couldn't get away from the feeling of being in Portugal that whole night.
Sitting there, looking at the map up on the wall -
red lines connecting all spots around the world were starting from THAT single point.
Then the glass of red wine was from Portugal too,
with the unfamiliar grape names like 'Trincadeira',
but the smell and the taste was so close to me... so close to my heart.

Sunday, I finally got to meet my nephew after all the weeks apart.
He looks different - he could now sit straight up, he could turn his body,
and for sure he felt like crawling, yet still lack the strength to do so.
Yet, he's still my Nephew the King, with the family bond which I am always aware of,
and will last forever in my life and his life.

Today is ANOTHER MONDAY - meaning another week has begun.
May 2010 is here.
My trip to Australia has ended, my dream is over.
I am back in Hong Kong, I had my last weekend here, and a new start of week is ahead of me.

It seems as if life has changed after I came back -
I was out there away with the luxurious wine & dine experience;
I got the time enjoying wines under the blue sky;
I happened to experience the moved moments on the ANZAC Day;
I met a lady in hostel, who both the reception lady & I thought she presumably has got some mental problem indeed, and she talked to me for quite some time about her life.

Just everything I experienced has made me feel like life has changed.
'Has it really changed though?', I was asking myself today after I finished reading 'The Good Life'.

Life hasn't changed.
Here we are still who we are.
I am still a girl from Hong Kong,
hoping to go out from time to time,
drinking wines over the dinner,
going to the dinners and gatherings which I am supposed to be at,
playing with me nephew and seeing him grow up.

I found it really easy to assume that life has changed,
and once it is changed, we could not possibly go back.
In fact, life has always been the same. Nothing has changed.

What might have changed is our own selves.
We acquired new experiences, memories emerged, time elapsed...
we might choose to live the life we want or might not have lived before.
Possibly, we might choose to go with the flow, and live the life however it is.

Here we are - life has not changed, and probably it will never change.

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