Memories are back to where they're from.

Life has not changed, here I am.
Back to the living which I have been used to,
and the place where I should feel so close to.

Walking on the street this week, I looked around.
Perhaps subconsciously, I wanted to look for something I am familliar with.
However, I saw the new buildings, new restaurants, faces I didn't know...
Everything so new indeed.

Chance that when I walked pass some buildings or bars,
I wanted to recall if I was there before.
Not meant to be a test of my brainpower,
but simply hoped to know what I remembered.

Nothing - nothing I could remember,
as if all memories about this place were gone.

Today, a week after I came back from Australia.
I still remembered some of the days I've gone through.
Will I ever remember all of my days, or the moments?
Does it matter if I remember or not?

I used to think that memories would not fade away, because I 'remembered'.

Suddenly today,
I realized that memories will eventually go back to where they are from.
We cannot keep the memories.
All we 'remembered' were actually the feelings and the touch that the memories left behind.

I believe the feelings and the touch are eternal.
In contrast to memories, they will not go away.
They will live with us forever, even until after we pass away...

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