A kind of distance (I)

Sometimes, you'd prefer keeping a bit distance away from somebody...

Have been wanting to write this piece 'A kind of distance' for a few days. However, I was just too busy - busy out there in the day, and busy at home in the evening. And I just slept for like 4 hours a day, making me so tired and not having the mood to write. Just don't feel like looking at anything, not reading, not thinking, and not writing. Although I know I've got lots of words to say, lots of things to write, just simply NO - I need some rest.

Then a week is gone, and it's going to be a public holiday on Friday. Long weekend is here!! On this Thursday, I would like to take a break, and work hard again tomorrow.

That's why I feel like writing again.

I was pretty busy on the day before holiday. My schedule was packed with meetings. Luckily, one of the meeting was actually a 'food + wine tasting'. While I was there at the restaurant for the long meeting, I got the chance to see the sunset, and the nightview of the Victoria Harbour. Probably that's good - bit relaxing time out of busy work!

After all the work, I felt like if I went straight back home - I would be thinking about work at the end. So, I decided, I should go out for a while, and have bit rest (of mind). I ended up heading to Central.

Coincident, my dear friend was in Central, AND I was having a bottle of red wine in hand...

Finally, we went to an old friend's 'private kitchen', ordered some bites, and we started drinking! We chatted and chatted... and our conversation made me feel like starting this 'A kind of distance'.

(To be continued)

At the 'food & wine tasting', I got wines with great food, plus the wonderful 188-degree harbourview. Not to miss - there was the sunset & night view. That is the relaxing moment out of the busy time.

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