How badly I want you... but I know I have to let go.

There I was, at the harbour front of Sydney Harbour, under the dark starry sky.
Having had the dinner with a group of crazy wine companions,
we were on the way back to the Hotel.

Interesting to know new people who are also 'crazy',
and all didn't mind having a night walk on the street.
So there, I was walking along the street under the light from the street lamp.

That was the first night I arrived at Sydney, the first time ever been here.
I used to think Sydney is a great city - vibe, energetic, hype, fun...
Yet, during the 15-minute walk this evening,
I realized the feeling turned out to be really different.

On the way, I didn't speak at all.
I was walking on my own with my high heel shoes.
I could hear the koo-ook sound came from each of my step.
I could hear the silence in the air.
Then, I heard the resonance which would never exist in reality.

I knew where exactly that resonance was from.
I knew by heart that it actually came from the voice which I was once so familiar with.
Indeed, I also knew that it wasn't only the voice I recalled again,
but also the face, the smile, the body, the smell, the hug, the kiss, the rhythm of his breath...

Although the memories didn't fade away as time goes by, I knew he was gone,
and I have been going further away from everything he has left behind in me.
The love, the pain, the desire, the misery... all are slipping away from my life.

Probably I have noticed this at the moment when I found no more tears swelling in my eyes.
However, I have been making up a lot of excuses and reasons to deny the fact -
just simply because I knew how badly I wanted him.

There when I was walking silently in Sydney,
I recalled the conversations we had, the whisper in my ears, and the breath of us in the dark... plus a lot of moments when we were together.
No idea how all these happened, but that was true - all in my mind.

But this time, instead of the denial I used to make whenever all these came up in mind,
I took it by heart - he was gone, and no matter how badly I wanted him, I have to let go.


Explore - [SEARCH] - Rethink - Learn

Lucky me getting the opportunities to travel to some countries around the world.
Remembered that I wrote something about my 'reason to travel' -
not really thinking of 'escape' by now, but all I want is to keep exploring.

I couldn't recall when I started liking the idea of 'exploration'.
I used to be really rigid, stubborn (perhaps still a bit now) and wanted to go with MY flow.
After sometime, maybe due to the 'accumulation' of travel experiences,
I realized the process of 'exploring' could mean searching around -
for things that I don't know, and then go with OTHER'S flow.

Yes, there are theories saying that we tend to pay attention to things that we have heard of,
or have seen before. But, when you are out there somewhere you have never been to before, and you are not joining a tour - you got to do everything on your own, you'll realize how little you know.
Plus, there are THEIR ways to work things out, there are THEIR patterns of living.
You simply just can't stick to your own idea or pace sometimes.

Then you may have to rethink how to work things out,
with THEIR way while not losing your own appetite for things around.
(After all, travel should be a happy & enjoyable experience!)

If you are open-minded enough, and take this as a 'learning opportunity',
you would learn something at the end indeed!
Sooner or later, everything is a happy thing - as you would believe
'there's always the way out'.

During my stay in Canberra, I noted the words below - about [SEARCH] in a new place. Enjoy!


I brought with me my wife and daughter, rice cookies, and a small green buddha

I brought with me my mother's handmade linen

I brought with me traditional medicines, hair oil, tamarind and gold

Coming to a new place I brought my heart

I've brought something from each of the countries I've lived in

I have come from a very crowded city in Europe

I come from an ancient country

When I first arrived I went in the wrong direction for an hour

Before the plane landed all I could see were rolling green hills and water holes

To get here we travelled by bus for three days and nights

Which way is east?


Highlights from the trip: 'Australia 2010'

Well... well... well...

It was really a fruitful and wonderful trip indeed.
After one or two days,
I realized,
'where there are too many highlights, you don't know what means by highlight itself'.

So there I got really dilemma - how to show you all my photos.. and writings.. and all everything.
Real challenge...

Wait and see... will make it more structured soon... hehehe...


Last day in Australia - moved & touched (Part III)

After the National Ceremony, the Australian War Memorial opened.
I was in there again - instead of going to the 'Roll of Honour' - I went to the exhibition hall.

It was 12.15pm.

I started with the exhibition hall about 'First World War'...
then 'Second World War'...
then 'conflicts from 1945 till today'...
also the 'Of Love and War'...

I also visited some other halls,
showing the different wars in which the Australians were in service;
I stayed in some halls seeing the aircraft,
watching the panaroma short movie with the scene, the sound and the move of air above me - creating an illusion that the aircraft is really like over my head.

Clock ticked - 1pm... 2pm... 3pm... 4pm..
When I was at the last stop - the souvenir shop - it was 4.15pm!!

Basically, apart from the half-an-hour lunch inside the Memorial,
I spent almost like 4 hours there for the exhibition, and indeed - I didn't really go through all the exhibits.
Some of those are really bit 'heavy' for me - I still couldn't understand why there was WAR.
Seeing all those exhibits which include like letters from those who were dead;
aircrafts - bombers - guns - navy submarines - swords - knives;
photos showing the prisoners who were starved to death...
countless people were dead - some even nameless because their bodies were discovered only some years after the war ended.

So there I was walking through the years - from First World War till the most recent 'conflict of today'.
That includes the 'post-911' US-Afghanistan conflict.
(Coincident, I am reading a book about the lives of the New Yorkers who survived from 911.. )

Why war? Why no peace? What's the point of 'winning' the war with so many people died?

I was asking tonnes of questions to myself.
Yet, I am sure - there are no answers out there.

I was indeed surprised to see all the exhibits,
and the Australian War Memorial is definitely one of the best in my museum list!

Never imagined I would have got the chance to walk through all those history in such real touch,
I felt like I saw the weakness of mankind -
for I guess those declaring war might be indeed in fear of their own weakness being attacked.
On the other hand, I saw the courage among those men and women at war times -
or those involved in war matters for their families may be survivors from wars or ones being left behind...

Today - there are still wars going on somewhere in the world.
People are killing others; nations are fighting against others or fighting in the name of 'defense'.
Frankly, I guess there is no end to the game of 'war'.

However, I believe there is peace existing somewhere in the world.
Yet - I think before seeing that existence, everyone has to see that from within ourselves first.

Last day in Australia - I was moved & touched - for I heard not the voice from within,
nor that from the Nature or the people around me,
but the voice from history - from the messages left by those who died in wars.

** END **

Last day in Australia - moved & touched (Part II)

Couldn't stand staying in front of the 'Roll of Honour' seeing all the names of the dead -
I went for a coffee at the cafe next to the Australian War Memorial.

While having my coffee,
I overheard the story told by a veteran sitting next to me,
he was telling his story to another lady at his table.
I couldn't really imagine how life was at that time,
although probably one might tell me 'why bother? there is no war in your country!'

Inevitably, all I heard has provoked some thoughts in mind -
some thoughts about life & dead;
some thoughts about love & hate;
some thoughts about war & peace.

It was still early morning - just 8am.
I had been to the 'Roll of Honour' only - but I wanted to visit the special exhibition ongoing there, which was named 'Of Love and War', featuring the relationships and affairs at war times.
It will open at 12noon.

So, 4 more hours - what to do?
I didn't want to go back to city centre, so then I decided to stay for the National Ceremony!
(What an Australian life I had!!! I haven't been to the National Ceremony of HKSAR or PRC! What a shame....)

There was the ceremony, parade... Prime Minister... Consulate-General from the different embassies...
I was among these guys at the Ceremony!
I couldn't really remember all the things I have seen - and who the parade people are.
All I could recall was the last minute of the ceremony, before the 'big guys' left -
the noise from the Royal Australian Air Force aircraft right above me!

Stunning - I have never imagined that kind of noise... like a needle piercing into my ears.

There I was,
at the National Ceremony among all the Australians.

(to be continued)

'Roll of Honour' at Australian War Memorial:

Last day in Australia - moved & touched (Part I)

25.April.2010 - 'Dawn Service'

The same day 95 years ago,
troops of Australians & New Zealanders set out to fight again the Turkish during WWI.

Australians & New Zealanders commemorate 'Anzac Day' (ANZAC: Australia & New Zealand Army Corps) on 25th of April.

Frankly, I wasn't really aware that I would be here in Australia on its National Day.
Until when I got to decide where I got to go after my 'wine trip',
then I realized I would be here in Australia on this special day.

Towards the end of my 'wine trip', I found that I didn't want to do anything touristic again.
I want to experience the REAL AUSTRALIAN SPIRIT -
that's why I am here in Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

I wanted to see how it goes here on the National Day - on the ANZAC DAY.

Excuse me for my ignorance, I wasn't really into history and therefore,
in fact, I didn't know that it wasn't really a celebration, but commemoration.
It is also due to my ignorance,
I started searching for more information about this 'commemoration'.

Before the ANZAC Day,
I read a bit on the internet whenever I could get online;
I went to bookstore and had a quick check at the books about ANZAC;
I was reading the newspaper which got special features about ANZAC the day before;
I talked to the New Zealander who accompanied with me during my wine trip;
I spoke to the Australians here, and asked how ANZAC Day is.

Finally - on the ANZAC Day,
I woke up at 4am, and I was on the road by 4.30am.
There was special FREE shuttle bus from the central bus station (they called it 'bus interchange' here in Canberra) to the Australian War Memorial - so I was there in the queue by 4.45am.
By 5am - I was there at the ground in front of the Australian War Memorial. Already packed.
I got the program booklet, and got a poppy (a symbol of war remembrance) in hand.
Lucky me - I found a seat there up on the stage right in front of the memorial. There I sat and waited.

5.30am, the 'dawn service' started.
Following the hymn, prayer, and speech...
there was the 'one-minute silence' - complete silent at dawn.
Only the sound of the birds there.
Last - there came the national anthem.

Then, sunrise followed.
I was there still sitting, while all others have left.
Staying there for a while to see the sky turn blue - with some grey & white cloud.
Nothing bright yellowish, as I've seen so far in Australia.
Seemed like the Almighty has also heard the cry from the land on Earth - nothing bright.

It was still very early - not yet 7am.
I was there in the Australian War Memorial 'Roll of Honour' -
watching people come to look for the names of the 'wall'.
The names are the Australians who died in wars - WWI, WWII, any other wars happened,
in which Australians joined the fight on the battlefield.

People who came are probably their children, grandchildren or colleagues who made it to survive.
Everyone put the poppies next to the names they recognized.
I stood there for quite a while, watching & watching.
I started thinking why there was war, why people couldn't really stay calm and make a peaceful world?

So cold - I couldn't stand staying there anymore.
I went for a morning coffee at the cafe next to the Australian War Memorial.

(to be continued)


An end marks another beginning - note from Australia.

It has come to almost the end of my trip in Australia - 2 more days to go.
Have been thinking about the 'theme' of my trip indeed.
Although for sure, WINE is definitely one that comes TOP OF MIND,
I found there are much more than just WINE.

Not until I came over here in Australia,
I realized that I really have been travelling a lot.
(Of course, compared with my CRAZY friends somewhere out there,
I am just no way comparable!!)
With all the travelling experiences, I learnt a lot for life.
Plus, all different experiences have brought me different thoughts about life.

I used to think that I got to listen to the voice from within,
for who I am, what I'm doing, what I care, who I love, what I love - hate - dislike - like...
Everything was from within myself, as I still got the choices throughout my trip.

Out of expectation - I found this trip has got me something new.
I wasn't really listening to myself - or the 'voice from within',
but the sound around me - from the Nature and from people around me.

My 'wine itinerary' was completely planned in advance and - (forgive me to say) - I got no choice indeed. So,
I was there in the vineyard - seeing the snail next to the grapes;
I was there on the field - looking over the green piece of land under the blue sky;
I was there up on the mountain - walking slowly as if I was dancing in the ballroom, just because I was so scared of slipping down and rolling over down the slope and not able to go back home forever;
I was there watching the ants running on the mud, knowing their ways, stopping sometimes without the help of traffic lights;
I was there listening to the winemakers, who were sharing how the grapes were grown, what biodynamic was, how their wines were made with passion & experience;
I was there sleeping on the grass, looking up into the sky, and hearing the fly buzz next to me;
I was there playing with the dog at the guesthouse up on the hill;
I was there just daydreaming, hearing the music on the way to winery or the stories from my wine travel companions...

A strange trip somehow - for I didn't hear myself at all.
All I heard was the voice from the Nature and people around me.

Back to the question - about the 'theme' of the trip.
Definitely WINE will make up a great part of my trip, and
I will have dedicated webpages about that.
Still - I believe there is out there a 'theme' for my whole trip.

In fact, I got one sparkled in mind - will see by tomorrow if that's really the ONE.
Yes - tomorrow - because I planned to go to the dawn service on the ANZAC day,
and then visit the War Memorial.
Everyone here was telling me that would be touching - I believe so.

Probably that would help me 'conclude' my trip on the last day of my stay in Australia.
Last but not least, I'm sure that 'conclusion' (or 'the end') will mark another beginning of my life.


What a trip, what a life!?

@Hunter Valley, Australia

Enjoying the wines up on the mountain, looking over the Hunter Valley - that was just fabulous!!

I couldn't have imagined that I would be having a wine tasting there up on the mountain,
looking down - there was Hunter Valley in Australia!

Unimaginable - unbelievable - but that's so REAL!

Will be on the road, exploring again shortly -
if not able to keep updates here, will be back 28th April.


Goodbye & See You!

Time flies unbelievably fast - it has come to the last day of the 'Wine Australia Travel Scholarship' trip.
It's the last day of it in Sydney. Time to say goodbye to my travel companions, who I was with for the past 10 days.

That's kind of crazy having a trip with 6 others who you have never met before, and from different places over the world.
And it was a 10-day trip - surrounded with wines, embraced by the sunshine under the very blue sky.
We chatted about wines, had good food, smiled, laughed, had bit of singing, little dancing steps, games, riddles...
Just fabulous!

That's hard to believe that it has come to the end of the trip,
and we had to say goodbye to each other.

Then we would be back on the track of our lives at our homes spreading across the world -
USA, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Austria, Ireland, Hong Kong.

Yet, no doubt, I believe all of us would remember the days - sometime in 2010 -
meeting some crazy strangers from different part of the world & passionate wine people from Australia,
and making new friends over glasses of wines!

I wish all my new friends there happy lives and keep enjoying every moments!

On this day - before 'Goodbye', I had a morning walk along the harbour.
That was early as 6am-ish, and there was the wonderful sunrise scenary.
Another brand new day has begun indeed.


On the way to Melbourne

April 10, 2010 (Sat)

9am Qantas flight to Melbourne - making me wake up at 6am, ready to leave home by 6.30am.
So there I was at the airport, checked-in.
Before going to the gate, I had my breakfast at a really slow pace.

In fact, I used to be really rush at trips before - but somehow not sure why, this time - just so relaxed.
Probably that's because my itinerary and almost everything were so well-prepared already... so, no worry at all.
(Or, so far, I didn't worry about anything much! So already kind of my 'practice'!? Anywayz.)

I did the online check-in on Friday indeed, I chose the window seat with just ONE more seat next to me before going to the aisle.
There was the big guy sitting there next to my sit when I boarded the plane.
After a while, we greeted each other, and started chatting!

Gosh - he's australian, married to an English woman, with the little kid - both wife & kid now in London.
So there he just got off from the plane from Heathrow, London, transit through Hong Kong, going back to Melbourne!
Most interesting - he studied creative media, then went working for a publishing compnay, doing IT magazines.
He also did write some columns for the IT magazine.
Right now, he is a primary school teacher!

We chatted and chatted... almost half of the flight hours!
He also plays African drum & acoustic!!
He's also interested in knowing Chinese culture & politics (a bit).
All everything so interesting indeed - so there I made a new friend on the plane!

Apart from the chat, I watched two on-demand movies: 'Avatar' (which I didn't have much intention going to see when it was on in cinema) and 'The Hurt Locker'.
Two movies both made me feel bit heavy indeed - both somehow about 'war & peace'.
I don't really know why we got the idea about war, and conquering...

9 hours gone really quick!
There - I arrived at Melbourne!!



The Day Before Departure

April 9, 2010 (Fri) - Day (minus)1

Have been struggling how to start my writing - should I begin with my 'Wine Australia Travel Scholarship' day? Should I just write about my wine story? Should I write about my wine life?

Have been struggling where to go after my scholarship part is done - Tasmania? Western Australia? At first felt like vacation, then felt like perhaps I should make my trip all the way just about wines!?

FINALLY - All I had in mind before I departed - Just let it go, and let it flow.

So there on the day before my departure, I got the invitation to attend a press conference - orgnized for wines/ food from Tasmania + Queensland + South Australia. Met quite a few people there, and all of them were just telling me the same thing: 'Oh, awesome, you are going Australia tomorrow morning!? Enjoy! Do you now feel like you're there already?'

Yes - they were right! I felt I was there already - having all the wines & food from there... and they were such fresh produce. Nice!

It's the first time for me to explore Australia - although I have been involved in wine sales for Australian wines, and met the winemakers & the suppliers for times. However, I haven't had the chance to go there and see the real thing!

TODAY - I got it!!

Indeed, it was 'teatime' hour when I went to that press conference. There, we were having lobster, abalone, lamb... just LUXURIOUS!! How could you imagine that kind of food for 'TEATIME'!? Anywayz - that's how my '(minus)1 day' began!

And then in the evening - there was temporarily suspension of water supply. Because of that, I thought I would stay home and get prepared. YET - finally, I couldn't resist the temptation to go out for a drink before I left. ONE round - thanks my angel friend stopping me from going somewhere else for some more rounds.

There my day was done - fully ready physically & mentally - to Australia!

LUXURIOUS teatime: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/untitledjournal/Australia2010DayMinus1PreTrip#
WONDERFUL one-round of drink: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/untitledjournal/Australia2010DayMinus1PreTripNight#


Coffee Break

A really fruitful (long) day I had...

* 5am - went to bed.

* 8.45am - waken up by yelling, banging... then realized the door couldn't be opened - something wrong with the lock!
So, my mom & sister called the security from downstairs to help & see if they can open the door from outside.
Here came the story...
(1) how to pass the key to the guy outside, provided that there is not even a 3-mm slit anywhere near the door.
(2) Solution was, keys were put inside the box, and I got to throw that from 5th floor my window to ground floor! [BANG!!!]
(3) Finally, lock was broken, door opened.

* 10am - New LOCK! New KEY! Already time to start working... so finally, couldn't go back to sleep.
Less than 4 hours sleep got me another EQ-training session - "How to control my temper under the 'lack-of-sleep' condition!"
Ok - kick start at 10am.
Emails... some voluntary work... some freelancer work... reading my final itinerary again to see what else i needa get ready...

* 12.35pm - Finally could step out, and go for lunch. Lunch with friend in Mongkok - across the harbour!

* 1.20pm - Arrived, 5 minutes late. [sorry, my friend.] Nice chat, inspiring again.
PLUS, happy to see the Tuzki exhibition there - and I read a line there 'Alcohol (I'll go mad if I have a sip!).
I couldn't stop laughing there... Thanks my friend for asking me to go lunch all the way there that far, where I spent most of my childhood years around there.
[To: my lunchmate, please move back closer to my area... although you gave me really good excuse to go all the way there to buy flowers.. enjoy exhibition... ]

* 3pm - Going back to Central. Walking there with the raindrops... and at the flyover in Mongkok...
Suddenly I felt like I saw CHAMPS ELYSEES in front! I was back to Paris - my beloved Paris.
Although this is probably not the No.1-favorite city, she has been really close to me.. in many ways.. and I miss her!

@Mongkok, Hong Kong

@Paris, France

* 4pm - back to Central. Finished some quick phone calls on the way... then settled down at coffee shop at IFC, Central.
By now, I had one cup of morning coffee, while watching the video clip - JK Rowling's speech at Harvard (2008).
Then coffee for lunch.

Should STOP there (I thought, because coffee made me sleepy!).
Yet I got to have meeting for another potential freelance job at 5pm there at this coffee shop.
Didn't bother to go here and there, so I came up here one hour earlier before meeting time.
Coincident, the one whom I was going to meet was there at the cashier when I was standing there, reading the menu, struggling if I gonna have another THIRD cup of coffee.

So there, we ordered. He went to his meeting at 4pm there, I went to the other end of the 'corner' to do my own reading & another freelancer thing...
So there, I was having my third cup of coffee - a latte.
I chose the bar side where I could have the streetview - under the rain.

Sitting there, looking around, I felt like I was there at the train station in Rome.
I turned back to the barside, ready to go through the documents in front. BUT,
the guy next to me caught me turning - then said HI.

AND, what's next...
he is one of the partners there, from New Zealand;
we started talking about coffee... italian espresso bar... my visualization of 'roma termini espresso bar';
we chatted... and chatted.. and he realized I was having a regular latte,
and he is so 'professional' - 'Would you like to try our special latte? It's double shot... (bla bla bla). It's free,
I make you one, and see if you have any comments. Like it?'

My braincells which take charge of the 'curiosity area' are always so active, so i said, 'Oh, that would be great!'
3 seconds, he jumped to the bar, and made me the 'double shot latte' - my FOURTH & FIFTH coffee!!??

While he was making the 'special latte' - I was sending sms to my lunchmate... telling him that I got like 3rd, 4th, 5th coffee...
his reply was 'where is the wine?'.
Stunned for few seconds, the 'special latte' was in front.
Two different types of lattes - Mr. New Zealand then asked me to try.
OKAY - 'wine tasting' became 'coffee tasting'!

* 4.30pm - I did nothing that I originally planned to do... kept chatting there... then phone rang,
and I spent like another 15 or 20mins chatting over the phone about a potential project to kick off later in May/ June.
After phone call, Mr. New Zealand has left.
I finished the 'special latte' finally, and I saw the South China Morning Post there,
I picked that up, flipped quickly to the horoscope page - CAPRICORN: "By next week's new moon, you could surprise yourself by what you decide to do."

* 5.15pm - My REAL meeting finally started. Partly business, partly personal sharing.
Ended up, I was asked why I like wine & travel so much.
HUH - I couldn't count how many times I have come across such question.
Everytime when I answered, I felt so grateful & happy that I am on the track putting together my interest/ hobby & my work/ living.
Frankly, no matter utlimately whether my 'vision' or 'dream' could be made true or not - and for sure, there is some kind of hardship out there on the path,
I still believe that I am living a life which is so wonderful and beautiful.

* 8pm - I was hungry. BUT, the bookstore next to the cinema there would be under renovation soon - discount there.
Too hard to resist this kind of temptation, so I spent another almost like 20 minutes there reading...
Lucky, nothing got me interested. Empty-handed out from the bookstore!

* 8.30pm - Hunger made me realize that I got to eat something. No more (window) shopping - so there, thinking what to eat..
I decided to cook tonight. So I bought the mushroom - small brown ones and some button mushroom...
Holding the brown paper bag of mushroom - I was finally on the way home after the LONG day!

Chilling there... wind on my face... nice harbour view...
However, I thought of the harbourview in New York City, the tall buildings of Manhattan,
I had the imagination of Sydney Opera House - that's another harbourview.
I thought of the Adriatic Sea, where I was watching the sunset over a glass of Croatian white wine...

* 9pm - Finally HOME. Couldn't work on anything... really...
Then I realized there's still some pasta in the fridge...
I just re-heated that, and finished that up. Got the 'keep-the-doctor-away' APPLE, ate it...
Finished my emails... facebook-ed a while..
Jotted down the notes about the meetings/ phone conversations I had...
Shower... washed clothes...
Spoke to my friend about welcoming her & my backpack... 12am*

After the long day - tired, but still with excitement.. and some thoughts to share:-
we'd better be thankful all the time, not to take things for granted,
and stay with the simplest belief that - everyone were born 'equal', we came here, living here, then eventually one day, we would move on to 'another world' for living,
Let it go, let it be - if anything seems like going wrong.

BUT while we are living here, we are all DIFFERENT individuals.
Everyone got their talent, and own interpretation of 'self', 'life', 'value'... etc. - how you want to live your life is ultimately your own choice.

Whether you choose to stick to your past, not to look ahead;
whether you choose to love the life you live, or live the life you love;
whether you choose to believe in your talent, and go out to create your own opportunities in order to make the way out to realize your dream,
or believe that your talent is not really fitting in the opportunities available and sit there thinking where to find the opportunities...

After all, it's all up to you - you live your life, you take hold of that, and you are responsible for that.

If you would say 'I have no choice, but xxxx' - that's actually your choice not to consider anything else at all. Fine.
Yet, once you go out to have a look, be open-minded without too much your ego, you'll see there are choices.

Back to the question why I like wine & travel. I made clear answer,
I like wines, because over the wines, I made wonderful friends, and I got to know people from all around;
and the subject of wines could keep me on the go all my life - both academic pursue & practical enjoyment!
I like travel, because that made me realize the difference in culture, and the understanding of 'somebody' I don't know - or even not speaking the same language at all,
but we could somehow communicate.

During my days away from my 'comfort zone' - I learnt truly a word - 'RESPECT'.
I don't speak French, no Italian, no Spanish, no Czech, no German...
but sometimes, just a smile, a nod, a handshake - could be meaningful - it gives all you met the 'respect' that everyone deserves.

Probably it's out of this 'respect', trust could be built and true friends were made.








Where does 'Spaghetti Bolognaise' come from?

"Back in Italy purists say that Spaghetti Bolognese has nothing to do with the Italian culinary culture. Some time ago, Stefano Bonilli, a renowned Italian gastronomer, who was born in Bologna, wrote: “Spaghetti alla bolognese never existed.” The line of attack? “Spaghetti is dry pasta from Southern Italy, in Bologna, we have tagliatelle, freshly homemade, al ragù bolognese”. The fact is that at least one other ‘sugo’ (sauce) 'alla bolognese' exists and is the one described by Pellegrino Artusi in his The Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well. Not only is Artusi’s ‘bolognese’ not ragù, but the recipe includes maccheroni (macaroni), which are dry pasta, exactly as “Southern” spaghetti are. So, can we say that Spaghetti Bolognese come from that recipe? No way. Artusi doesn’t include tomatoes in his sugo, while Spag Bog is a sauce made with tomatoes (as we have seen, the presence of tomatoes is very limited in the original ragù alla bolognese). So, where does Spaghetti Bolognese come from? It’s hard to say."

I was reading something about Italian cuisine, and I came across the paragraph above - about 'Spaghetti Bolognaise'.
That was the view from a 'native' Italian!

In fact, I was there in Bologna few years ago.
Just drop-by and had a day-trip.
I didn't go to any of those 'touristic' destinations (except those Piazza/ Church),
but I did go to the local market to see the food/ ingredients there.

Yes - no spaghetti at all.
They got 'tagliatelle' as mentioned, or 'tortellini' like those below (tiny bites, not like noodles).
And yes - all look fresh, not dry pasta.

So, where does Spaghetti Bolognaise come from?
That was really a good question.

My friends, you know, what I thought of - instantly after I asked myself this question? Garifled & Lasagna!!

Actually, I felt like Chinese vs. Italian food is similar in the way that
there are quite a few types of 'regional' cuisine in these countries.

The best way to enjoy them,
probably just travel around the regions,
experience all of the 'originals'!!

I believe both are quite difficult indeed..
travelling around in China/ Italy -
both requires the language,
the patience, and the great interest to go here & there.

See if I'll have that energy,
and the chanes to travel around Italy/ China!!

Guess that will be a lifelong 'mission'.
Not bad though - keep my ENERGY always high,
plus motivation to work hard/ play hard!