A Brand New Page

Finally migrated all the Facebook pages and all those from other blogs to this brand new page. Just felt like I have to take one more step closer to getting back on track.

It has been a really long vacation I had since almost like a year ago. During this time, I felt myself bit stuck, and simply was not moving forward on my career path. Perhaps because of the previous job and some personal matters, I couldn't really find myself back on the track and not as courageous as I used to be. Luckily, I got the support from my friends and family. That gave me some space to think and find out where I am & what I want.

I wasn't really working for the past year, just some part-time jobs. I could feel the disappointment deep inside, making me bit upset. I thought I did the best for my work, and tried my best to be true to everyone. Yet, in return, all I got were some misunderstandings and accusation. Although feeling disappointed and upset, I believe I couldn't take everything personal. I have to see what has happened, if there was anything I did wrong, and why it happened that way.

On the other hand, I thought I could be more focused, work all the best towards my job. Unfortunately, I got to go back to the sea out there... ...

Probably again, I was lucky. I heard the voice from heart, I learnt to do the best I can to keep myself in good shape, continue doing my best, and keep going. Plus, I believed the feeling of disappointment will go away eventually. I also learnt to understand things from different perspectives. With the different experiences, everyone would see things in a different way anyhow. All I can do is to respect others, understand how they handle matters in hand, and offer the best to most people I could.

I actually spent quite some effort to get away from that kind of upset feeling, and build up myself again. No matter it's because of myself, my friends & family, and my future. All I got to do is NOT to give up - myself, my career and my dream.

At first, it seemed like I didn't do much for the past year. In fact, I started building my teaching experience for the long-run; I successfully organized the Annual Dinner for my university alumni association, which has got almost 200 guests joining the dinner. I learnt quite a lot from this experience - about life and work, and I gained really valuable friendship. I also continued spending time for my Wine Diploma Studies. And I got the Scholarship to go abroad to Australia for further wine studies and winery visit.

Most important, I felt like I have picked up the faith and strength which I once had. On top, I got some kind of refreshing feeling in heart. That's why I made my brand new page with the refreshing mood, through the blue sky and the green.

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