What is 'arts'? What is 'arts of wines'?

I still couldn't believe that I am actually teaching the course 'Art of Wine Label'. And even more unbelievable was the fact that I was a Science student before I went into Business School at University. Plus, the super unbelievable thing was how come when I was preparing the notes - I have already got the idea about arts, about arts history (though definitely my understanding is not as in-depth as a 'real' Fine Arts student), and the appreciation about arts.

Teaching arts-related subject is basically a challenge, and teaching wine-related subject is also a challenge. There comes 'arts x wines' - that is a REAL CHALLENGE. In fact, I think the challenge itself lies at the fact that it's really a huge subject - it's about history, about life, about living, about time passing by, about emotions, about expression... how could I get to the point and focus? It's hard, I found.

It took me quite a while to figure out where to start, and where to pinpoint for my students. Although after all, I realized that some of my students attended my course because of 'wines' - but I do think behind 'wines' - there lies the 'arts' about wines and about life.

I'm really glad to have the opportunity to realize my 'dream' to teach such a 'wines x arts' course. Perhaps I might not be performing at the best I should have been, but I truly hope through the sharing, I could deliver what means by 'arts' and what means by 'wines' to all my audiences.

In fact, both are really simple thing - they are just expression of life, passion, and living.

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