'Cya' - in the dark.

It was a wonderful day - for I finally realized the 'dream' to have wine tasting in complete darkness.

Thanks all my guests for coming. I am very much sure that for guests who come, they have to take away their 'identity', be open-minded enough, be able to speak about wines openly, and most important, they got to take the courage to go outside their 'comfort zone'. That was not easy for all - but all made it, and found it was an interesting experience. Plus, I truly thank for their encouragement and kind words.

That was, in fact, another experience for me being the host of the wine tasting session. I was participating some other 'in the dark' experiences - yet, being the one involved in the 'in the dark' activity as the facilitor, that IS something!

I wouldn't have imagined the 'difficulty' that I would encounter.
I wouldn't have imagined how my guests would react at the end of the day.
I wouldn't have imagined how I could work with people who have got that special 'talents', serving the wines in complete darkness.
I wouldn't have imagined.... a lot which I couldn't really express well in words at the moment.

Just all mixed up - I was just shocked.

And when I was calling around to re-confirm with the guests - the last sentence was 'cya' - then I was thinking 'cya in the dark'. Ok - how am I going to 'see' them in the dark!?

That was the question i was asking myself.

Anywayz - thanks again to my friends (and new friends) for their encouragement. Without you all, I wouldn't have been able to realize my 'dream'.

I promise, I will stick on to the values about life & work, and the true fact that everyone is born equal as human being. Doing something good for life and impact for others - that is a good experience. I earn much more than I would have if ever I am just working for the sake of work and making a luxury living.

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