I want to be with you (end)

It has been quite some time since we had the chat at the coffee shop.
Right - I still recalled the first time we caught sight of each other,
and all the happy time we've been through.

THAT first sight seemed to be saying, 'I want to be with you'.
Even until now,
the feeling of 'I want to be with you' is still so strong.

I know that's in you, that's in me too.
Yet, I am quite sure that this kind of 'being with you'
doesn't mean that we wanted to be staying together like a couple.

Probably we know ourselves really well,
and we know each other too well.
We know also very well that we are not the ONE for each other.

We really treasure the time we stayed together,
happiness, sometimes silence, sometimes sadness,
we could share everything, anything we could.

Perhaps when we love someone,
we treasure the time we have together and
what we can do for each other.
It doesn't really matter the way we stay with each other.

As long as we know each other is doing well,
it's already the way to say 'I want to be with you, FOREVER'.

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