I want to be with you (1)

I forgot when I first met you,
it seemed to be even before I was born.

All I remembered - I saw you there coming up from the escalator
in front of me, while I was reading at coffee shop.

Not knowing how it happened,
we caught sight of each other, and we smiled to each other.

Then you walked pass me, and I continued reading there.

Few days later, I was reading there again.
The same spot.

There you came up from the escalator,
and we saw each other again.
Just like the first time.

I bet you were not that busy this day.
You came up to me and took the empty seat in front of me,
without asking whether anyone was taking that seat.

I didn't know who you were, you didn't know who I was either.
Yet, we said HELLO and started chatting there.

From the book I was reading, the book you were reading;
then what I studied, what you studied;
where you have been to, where I was going around some years ago;
what you were working at, and what's my job.

We kept chatting, until a few hours later - it was getting dark.

Since this day, we kept in touch with each other.
Sometimes, we chatted over the phone.
Sometimes, we texted each other.
Sometimes, we met up for a round.
Sometimes, we just got together without saying a word to each other,
just enjoyed the silence.

(to be continued)

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