The Art of Travel (III)

Started writing my another piece of travel write-up. Frankly, I was not sure if this will be published or not. Let's see. Yet, I enjoyed the process a lot, during which I had a lot of thinking about life and MY living.

I know people might tell me 'Don't think too much' - but then I realized it is because of such thinking - I turned out to be the one who I am. I didn't mean to be just think and think, get stuck there, then no conclusion or not moving on because there might be confusion or sadness or whatsoever something that hinder us. What I meant is to think and get to the point that could keep me go on with energy.

My friend just said to me last night on msn that I am really energetic (I don't know how many of those there were, who have already said something like this before). Honestly, I don't think I'm THAT energetic, and might be occasionally not that postive-thinking as friends thought I am. Very likely, deeply inside, I got some kind of pessimistic mindset indeed.

My friend also asked me if travel can really take someone away and make one a better self eventually. No doubt, my answer was 'YES' (for me). +100% firm on this. I know friends who like travelling too - and everyone of them got differnt 'habits' or 'views' on travel. Some take it as a 'shopping trip', some as an 'escape', some think that is a 'quality time with my sweetheart'... there are plenty of reasons for travelling - and plenty different possibilities of what one gets from the trip.

On the other hand, there were many times that I heard of disappointment about a trip - it could be because 'weather was so bad, i couldn't go out at all.' or 'I had a big fight with my honey, and in fact, we just broke up!' or 'the tour guide was really bad.' OH well - for these years, since I felt like myself as a 'traveller', not a 'tourist' - I never came across such kind of situation anymore.

That was actually another question I have been asking myself, 'Why would I enjoy every single trip I have had, no matter how it was?' In fact, I had bad times too - yes, bad ones. I got lost, I got frustrated, I got stuck in mind, I felt like I was no one in nowhere, I missed my ex-, I worried about my work, I worried about my career... - after all, I am just a human being. I never denied I had such times.

The thing is while on the road, I saw many new things, I met new people, I came acorss situation which I had to deal with - probably not from any experience I had encountered before, nor any of my way of thinking could deal with that. Remember, I was AWAY from my familiar place - basically in another culture, with people speaking another language.

I started to learn how to deal with people from all around - having different way of thinking, or at different level in the society. I got to learn how to tell what is good, and what is bad; what is safe, and what is dangerous; what is something I like, and something I dislike; what is my preference; how to get that done; how to make it work out... all those turned out to be another sort of experience which I could never get while I am in Hong Kong, staying with my friends and family.

Another thing is about curiosity - I started asking questions and questions. Then during my trip, I would be there finding out the answers or some ways to get to the answers. Usually these kinds of questions would be related to the architecture I've seen, or artpiece I came across, or some kind of customs in that foreign country, or even just simply about the plants/ animals there, or about how people dressed, or just something I have never imagined before.

At the end, I found that I liked all my trips simply because there was no longer much expectation about the trip - I just went with the flow. I just wandered around and learnt something there - about culture, about people, about the city... Everyday - there was something new. And all these would then trigger my thought about life, and MY living. Indeed, the curiosity and all the NEW things I captured through my senses have brought me the contented feeling, and the happiness eventually no matter what had happened.

Guess I am the lucky one who can keep such kind of feeling even after I come back to Hong Kong after my trip. There came the energy I have here with me, and the passion burning in my heart.

I'll keep going.

<> A photo my 'din por' friend shared with me. P.S. Perhaps some friends have realized that I always get lost in Hong Kong. In fact, whenever away from Hong Kong, I seldom get lost! You know why now...

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