The Art of Travel (II)

There was another question I have been asking myself too - 'Where's next?'. I couldn't stop thinking of the image of a map, and then I would start thinking 'How many hours it would take me to get to elsewhere there from Hong Kong?'

In fact, is it because of the distance I like - got to get far away from where I was born, where I live? Or is it because I like being there on the plane, and feeling as if I am flying freely in the sky?

The very first question has triggered a series of questions... questions... and questions...

A week ago, I came back from China. All a sudden, I felt like I got the answers to many questions. Not quite sure how this transition came up, it just happened.

I realized it is NOT the distance I like, which made me wanna travel. If so, I would not have enjoyed my trip to China. The distance is not comparable to that to Europe.

I realized it is NOT that I like being on the plane. I never felt like flying freely in the sky while sitting with the seatbelt fastened, plus hearing the announcement saying that 'we are now going through some turbulence. The toilet is closed. Please go back to your seat and have your seatbelt fastened'.

I found that what I truly enjoyed was being 'away' - without anyone around knowing who I am, or where I come from. Staying at home, I got the 'identity' as my mom's daughter; staying among my friends, I am 'Jennifer' who they know; participating in a wine dinner, I would be expected as a 'wine expert'... I never got the 'real chance' to know who I really am. The 'identity' is not exactly ME - that is somehow 'expectation' from around.

Being 'away' somewhere else has brought me the time, realizing who I really am. No one knows me, I am just a 'no one' in the eyes of the passers-by or people I meet during my trip. Chances are there I would be asked where I come from; there are also chances that they would ask me what I do in my country. It is because of such communications, I know who I am.

Remembered there were few occasions when my friend asked me why I wanted to travel, and being away that long. One friend told me it is 'luxurious escape', the other friend said to me 'you must have broken up with your boyfriend', and another said 'you never like Hong Kong'. My response to them was everytime a simple 'yes'. However, today - I realized not exactly indeed.

I wanted to travel because I wanted to be 'away'; being 'away', I could spend the time to search for 'self' and search for thoughts.

I'll keep going.

Taken @Henan Musuem.

Myth (1): How could you 'communicate' with others while you speak different language from that they speak (and English/ Mandarin doesn't work out)?
Jen: Well, body language is universal. That's the best way to communicate.

Myth (2): Do you talk to any other while travelling on your own?
Jen: How can I not speak at all? No way! I like meeting new people and making new friends. Also because of the conversation, I learn more about their lives and my own life.

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