Dialogue with a scientist

Thanks for my dear friend, who doesn't mind talking to this 'ScienceArtsBusiness Schizophrenia' patient.

Not sure if that is inborn, or due to the training/ education during my childhood, seems I got some kind of 'intelligence' to understand more from these three 'Worlds'. Although I was saying 'Three Worlds', to me, they are indeed in One World where I am living at.

Among my friends, there are quite some focusing on the knowledge in one of the 'Three Worlds'. Frankly, I really admire them. They have got that talent, the mentality and the focus. Scientists go after the 'truth' or want to improve the lives of human beings through their new inventions. Artists focus on aesthetics, which could possibly bring human beings the feeling of contented in heart. Businessmen were sometimes blame for their commercial focus. There is a Chinese saying 'If not doing something wicked, one cannot be a businessman'. That could imply all businessman are cunning ones. Yet, if they do not exist, who would push the economy? How can we be living a wealthy life? How could there be any civilization?

Tonight, I spoke with a scientist. Then I realized my 'ScienceArtsBusiness Schizophrenia' is at quite a critical stage. I liked science subjects when I was still at high school. Together with a few other classmates, I joined the Mathematic Olympiad in F.4. I should be a scientist. However, I like reading novels. A few years ago, I met a high school friend who I hadn't met for long time. She remembered me as 'the classmate who liked reading Jane Austen'. I liked artpieces, and calligraphy too. So, seems like I should be an artist. Towards end of my high school years, it was time to think about what to study in university. No doubt, I chose Bachelor of Business Administration. I believed I wanted to be a businesswoman. Then I entered into Business School of HKUST. After graduation, my friends kept saying that I always think about business. That tells I should be a businesswoman.

So far in my life, I still have some kind of passion towards the knowledge in these 'Three Worlds'. I couldn't really make my choice, focusing on either of one only. I felt like living in the ideal united world...

Epilogue: Mr. Scientist suggested two questions, which made me think. (1) How come you like wine so much? (2) What is 'Arts'? I didn't answer at that moment - I simply didn't have the answer. Then, I was travelling on the tram, then the answers came up in mind.

(1) I like wines, it's not just because of the drunken feeling which I couldn't have come across while awake. It's also because of the 'ScienceArtsBusiness Schizophrenia' I mentioned above. Studying more in-depth about wines, plus living my life in reality, I should be travelling between the 'Three Worlds'. Basically, I couldn't find any other subject or work, that make me feel that 'ScienceArtsBusiness Schizophrenia' is actually something worth existing. (Even though I like travelling around, not leaving any footprint, or doing work anonymous, having the purpose of existence is still important for someone living a fruitful life and to survive).

(2) Like what Mr. Scientist's friend suggested, Arts is a kind of dialogue between two - the artist and the viewer. On top, I believe it's actually a dialogue without an boundary of 'time'. I love the work by artists Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), his artpieces show the love, hate, desire and passion, plus depict the fine details of living. In fact, those exist anywhere anytime. During the conversation with Mr. Scientist, he mentioned another artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). I don't know this artist much. All I remembered is his Impressionism work, showing the happy faces and crowded gathering moments. After that, I suddenly thought of another Impressionist, Claude Monet (1840-1926). One of his famous series of work includes 'Water Lilies'. Yet, the one I recalled is a series of paintings of 'Rouen Cathedral' in France. That's a series of paintings, showing the different light/ shadow seen outside the church.

** The dialogue with Mr. Scientist triggered a thought in mind: IF 'ScienceArtsBusiness Schizophrenia' patient has to be sent to psych-homes, I think my friend has got the potential to be my neighbor! **

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