A Beautiful Lie

Not sure where comes that line 'A Beautiful Life', but the meaning in that made me think.

In childhood years, our teachers and seniors told us to be honest, not to tell lies;
when we grow older, we realized there are many lies around in the world,
there might be ones even at home;
we then entered into the 'University of Society', although not to the extent that we have to tell lies,
but we got to know how to hide our true feelings or emotions sometimes.
For those who can hide them well, people said they have a 'high EQ (Emotional Intelligence), which is good.
How about relationship? There could be lies in there too.
There are always reasons behind - such as 'don't wanna him/her think too much'.

Whatever, it doesn't matter when and where the lie comes up,
it is a beautiful lie, because it's just that the liar wants a 'happy ending'.

However, just like there are always two sides for a coin,
who knows the 'happy ending' in my eyes is acutally a tragedy in others' eyes?
Who knows whether the 'happy ending' in someone's mind would be indeed a heart-breaking one for me?

No matter rationally or emotionally,
I couldn't tell if lies are really that beautiful,
or that saying is simply there masking the sin behind.

I bet no one can really tell what means by 'truth' & 'heartfelt words'.
What ground do we have for saying that is just a plot or those are lies?
After all, it's our heart which make the final decision.

If so, what we see & feel from heart is the most important,
that IS the truth.
It's all up to you whether you believe in that or not.

@Poland (2008)

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