What does 'perfect' mean?

All a sudden, I came up this question in mind while I was reading the description about the book that I was about to buy today. I really wanted to buy that book - but it was sealed, completely sealed. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to buy that, plus, I got quite a few books at home I haven't finished yet. So, I did all my effort to give a hold, then I came back home and checked online what that book is all about. (Now, I decided, I should buy!)

Anyway - so I was reading the description about the book that I wanted to buy. The author of this book passed away in 1977, and this book is indeed an incomplete one. He told his wife to burn all his writing - but she didn't do that. After his wife died, their son decided to publish this book after over 30 years of private debate on whether to follow the will of the author or not.

Finally, the author's will was not respected. The book was incomplete, the life of the author was not made 'perfect' as his wish didn't come true. His piece went public at the end.

In fact, I guess we never know what means by 'perfect', or if ever 'perfect' would be there in our lives. Probably that's because wants are unlimited, and no one can predict what's gonna happen next in our lives. Also, sometimes, no matter how 'perfect' we want to be (or how great we could do in order to make it 'perfect'), there are others around who might turn around the situation.

Life is like that - unpredictable, full of surprises, and changing every moment.

Now, I still want to strive for the best for everything I do, and avoid any 'unexpected' as far as I can (especially at work). Yet, if anything happened not the way I wanted - I'll just tell myself "'Let it be. See if any other way to sort it out. Sure there will be the way out if there is the will. Nothing gonna be perfect anyway."

I decided to buy the book:
The Original of Laura, by Vladimir Nabokov.

The first book I read, written by Vladimir Nabokov, was 'Lolita'. I read that when I was studying F.5. It was a hard time reading the book indeed, simply too difficult for me. Soon I started writing here, I turned to my bookshelf and grabbed the book 'Lolita'. Then I found this piece of paper folded, hidden there for more than 10years!! All written there were vocabularies that I didn't understand, which I looked up from the dictionary one by one in order to understand the story...

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