Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) [published Feb 5 in a weekly magazine]

"The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired," wrote music critic Ernest Newman, "but becomes inspired because he is working. Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, and Mozart settled down day after day to the job in hand. They didn't waste time waiting for inspiration."

I think what Newman said applies to those working in any field where creativity is needed - which is really just about every field. Given your current astrological omens, Capricorn, it's especially apropos for you now. This is an excellent time to increase your mastery of the kind of discipline that spurs inventive thought and surprising breakthroughs.


I smiled when I read the first sentence, and then couldn't stop laughing after I finished reading the whole thing. 'inspiration', 'creativity', and 'breakthrough' - simply all the elements I have had in this week, especially since last Sat night!!

I'll keep going, and make my dream come true.

P.S. By the way, actually... my dream is... to be a 'farmer' in Italy, and grow the crop I like most! That's GRAPES!!

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