The Art of Travel (V)

I was writing about the sadness while travelling alone on the road in my first piece about 'art of travel'. Then I shared some more views about travelling later on. Now, I believe this piece will be my last one about travelling for the time being. Maybe there will be some more writing about travelling later - I don't know yet. Depends on my next trip probably.


This last round of thinking is going back to the question about travelling alone. I was walking on the street tonight, after midnight - it was quiet, and it was cold. I realized I always did this kind of 'walk' while I was away from Hong Kong. I remembered the walk on Champs Elysees in Paris (France), the walk from Teatro dell'Opera di Roma (Rome Opera House) to the hostel nearby termini (terminal train station) in Rome (Italy), the walk from Buda to Pest in Budapest (Hungary), the walk along the beach in Cascais (Portugal), the walk...

I could go non-stop.

Next, I realized I have been travelling on the road alone for quite some time. Occasionally, there were times when I had to travel on my own - but I wasn't really into 'travelling alone', until my trip in late 2007. Probably that trip made me change. That was a trip to Italy/ Spain. Then, I found myself fallen in love with such trips. I started to notice, not just to see; I also started to listen, but not only to hear.

Very easily, we would fall into the trap of omitting the details we should have noticed or the key words we should have listened. Perhaps because of time pressure, or because of psychological issues, or whatever excuses we could make, simply the fact is - we miss the details. Then because we miss those details, we find it difficult to ask questions and know more or think more in-depth. We simply have our mind completely blank!

I guess at the end of the day, the details, the follow-up questions, the answers, what I've learnt from all these, and my thoughts - altogether made up the inspiration I have been having.

Eventually, travelling is neither an escape, nor a sightseeing occasion - but part of my learning process in life.

I'll keep going - and keep learning.

The opera I enjoyed at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma:
< http://en.operaroma.it/header/audio_video/carmen_2009 >.

An opera show at Italian opera house is kind of a MUST for me whenever I go Italy!

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