At the silent night.

At the silent night, I was listening to the radio.
Lying on the bed, but I couldn't get into sleep.

Earlier at night, I was telling my friend that
seemed like I caught a cold, and got bit headache,
so I would like to sleep earlier.
Unexpectedly, another insomnia night.

I probably knew the 'origin' of insomnia, I'm not going to talk anything about that.

Apart from the 'origin', I thought of... ...
the 'DOLL' dim sum in the fridge, so then I was eating while leaving this note;
the Cammomile tea from Mr. UK, I was drinking my tea;
the Chinese poem by Mr. Pak;
the night when I slept on the train because I was stuck at the train station;
when there wouldn't be any insomnia night (?);
and the story I am writing, and HIM & HER in the story;
a glass of Italian Pinot Grigio.

Sunrise on the way.
Although I am bit tired, but I'm still in my thinking.

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