Life is a lonely journey?

Read my friend's line on facebook, translated into English 'Life is a lonely journey'. It then made me think why people living in a cosmopolitan city would have such kind of feeling. We have all the wonderful life with laughter, fun time with friends, and all the nosie around us. Quite ironic indeed.

Everyone has their own emotions from time to time. People have different walk of life, different experience - all different. So, chances are there that no one else could understand the feeling deep inside one's heart. True - I think I had that kind of emotions some time upon in my life. No idea how it happened, and no idea how long it lasted. Just happened, yet I know it's gone by now.
We sometimes look back, and think about the past. What we've done, what we've missed, what we've lost. Then we felt upset and disappointed. Sometimes, we felt lonely because of that. Time would not take us back - we are now at present. If we still spend time thinking about the past, but not trying to take a step to welcome happiness back to our lives, we might be living in those lonely days forever.

So, is life really a lonely journey?

I have been travelling around, going out, coming back. I just don't feel like staying at one place for long. I also like going alone. All the experience has made me realize it's the fact that I actually built the wall to keep myself inside my own territory. That's why I would feel lonely at that time. Yet, once I got all my courage & energy to breakthrough, I never feel lonely again. Travel alone isn't a lonely trip, life is also not a lonely journey.

I am sure there is a lot of time when we have to go on by our own self. That's life. Only oneself can make decision for one's life, he/she takes full responsibilities of his/her life. However, if we can see others around, who else is not like that? Everyone is like that. So, if you can see others, life is never a lonely journey.

If you see, do say HI to those around. Keep going together!

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