Thanks for everything

It was a wonderful week, when I met some old friends, new friends and friends who I have met for once. I felt so touched during the conversations indeed.

I have heard quite some words and read some messages recently. Some of those made me wanna cry, while some others made me just want to laugh! I thought of crying, not because I was sad, but just moved & felt thankful.

Thanks for all the understanding and care;
thanks for all the teaching;
thanks for the painful lessons I've learnt;
thanks for the sharing, and my friends treating me as their listeners;
thanks for the blessings when I felt depressed and lost;
thanks for all the help... ...

Probably a lot of 'thanks' I have to say, endless.
Anyway, thanks for everything.

P.S. Looks like quite sentimental. I'm fine, no worry. Just felt like I have never really dropped a 'thank-you' note. While I felt some kind of relief today, I should truly say 'THANK YOU'. Plus, I promise I'll do all the best and keep the faith. All because I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has made my life so beautiful. If anything I'm not doing good enough, please accept my apology and always welcome for comments.

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