Start from Zero

Whenever I look at this photo, I got some kind of strong feeling...

When: xxxx/xx/xx
Where: Lantau Island on the other end of the World
Who: the one in the photo & the one who took the photo
Weather: clouds in the blue sky, with sea breeze; the Spring wind is urging the Winter coldness to go...

The noisiness in Hong Kong really made me tired. Thinking of the days in Sicily (my friend called that "Lantau Island on the other end of the World"), where I could find the quiet moment. I just love it... in fact, what made love this place even more is the felling of "staring from zero".

One of my friends said to me before, travelling away is just a (luxurious) excuse to "escape" from reality. If this is true, then I am sure I love escaping from reailty.

[Translated 2008.08.28]

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