Once I was young

I remembered once I attended a business dinner, and I met a new friend there who said to me, "So envy you, you are so young." My instant response to that was, "You were once young too! Why envy?"

Then tonight, I chatted with my friend about the topic "Youth" as implied by having the 'fire' buring in heart. This conversation indeed made me bit upset, and reminded me that dialogue between myself & that business friend.

Everyone was once young.

"Youth" reminded us the 'fire', the 'energy'. Perhaps because young people have not experienced that many things, they are curious about almost everything around. They also possess some kind of energy, making them dare to try. However, when we become more experienced, we somehow would have lost that sort of energy. Perhaps that's because 'experience' made us see things differently from yesterday. My friend told me he is no longer young, and seems the 'fire' in heart is off. Even though the 'fire' might be still on softly, he could still recall the old days, when he was much more energetic with more fierce 'fire' in heart.
Anyway, when we are at different stage of life, we look for different things. Might be we work more carefully with more thorough thinking, which is so-called 'mature'; or we are scared by the World, we do not want to explore & try out anymore; or simply we don't care anymore because we know things would go the way they go.

To me, the 'fire' is indeed not important to me by now, as I believe the 'fire' in my heart has already gone long time ago. It is OFF, and will never come back. So, it is more important to live my life well today, plus treasure all everything & everyone in front.

I wish you all the very best.

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