After 10 Years (II)


Chance. A chance has brought me into the wine industry.

Since my childhood, I have been quite ‘picky’ about food & beverage stuff. If ever I don’t like some taste, or some texture in the food ingredients or dish, I would rather not eating at all. I also found myself loving wines. Although I didn’t start my education in wines long ago, I thought I did have some sort of ‘talent’ in terms of food & wine. Therefore, I had a dream – I hope I could become a food critic one day!

Leaving the company which has brought me lots of business travel opportunities, I started asking myself again and again, what I like, and what kind of job I want. After some thinking, I believed that I liked Italy really so much that I wanted to find a job in an Italian company. Then eventually, perhaps I can migrate to Italy one day. So, when I was still jobless at that time, I started looking for a job in an Italian company. Yet, finally, I couldn’t make it for that. Instead, I got a job in a wine company.

With this chance, I started my new career and new life.

In fact, no matter which industry one is working in, there is something about this job or industry, which is quite annoying. Luckily, I found ‘wine industry’ is one of the least annoying industry. To some extent, I think wine lovers would live their lives with lot of freedom. It doesn’t really matter how stressful their work has made them, or how much they care about their everyday life, they are so happy & excited when they talk about wines. Sometimes, such feeling could not be described at all.. Because of my work in the wine industry, I met a lot of good friends who love wines too. The time with them are so much enjoyable and I am so glad to have them sharing the fun time & wines together. At the end, I found my job in the wine industry lovely. My interest towards wines keep growing… growing…

At the same time, because of wines, I started trying all those types of food which I have never tried before. I got less ‘bias’ towards those which I hate the taste or texture before. The main reason doing this is to have a better understanding towards food & wine, understand better the flavors, textures, etc, so as to do a better food/ wine match.

Because of wines, I got the opportunities and passion to go around the World to search for the very original flavors. French wines, Italian white truffle, Portuguese port, Hungarian sweet wines, Spanish seafood…

I am sure I have never thought of this kind of life 10 years ago. Now, I feel like I could merge my interest and work together. Basically, integrated. Perhaps 10 years later, I could merge my another interest into work? Another interest… Arts.

P.S. Once thinking about “10 years ago”, I realized time really flies, 10 years have passed already. I could not foresee what would happen in the next 10 years, and whether I would meet some more great friends, or get another better job. No one knows. What I know today definitely, I do treasure all I possess today – including all of you reading my words here. Even though we might have never met before, but the communications here through my words is already some kind of affinity that brings people together.

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