Ever wondered how many countries in the World?When I was in "primary school", I thought there's only Asia. I've been to Thailand & Japan during those years.
When I was in "secondary school", I realized there's the North America. I've been to the United States of America & Canada.
When I was about to enter university, I found there's the Europe. I've then been to a few countries in Europe, namely Italy, Switzerland, France & UK.
When I was about to leave university, I started to know even in US - there's West Coast & East Coast; in Europe - there's the Western Europe & Eastern Europe.
After I left university, I learnt there's the Middle East & Mediterrean. I met new friends from Dubai, from Bahrain, from Lebanon; I was also thinking about going to Greece & Turkey!
******Every year, I learnt how BIG the World is & realized how SMALL I am in the World.

P.S. So how many countries are there in the World? CIA Factbook says "272 nations, dependent areas, and other entities " < https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/xx.html >

[ Written 2006.07.23 ]

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