After 10 Years (I)

"If I started 10 years ealier... that would probably be better..."

"10 years ago, maybe I would do that. But now, I don't think so..."

Sometimes, I heard these from friends around. All these about 'time' sounds quite depressing, with some kind of 'sadness' in that. I found such quite common among Hong Kong people.

I always think that the pace in Hong Kong is just too fast, perhaps a bit suffocating indeed. Not sure if that is because of the environment with packed housing, or because of the working atmosphere where not everyone could have the chance to really utilize their strengths. It might also because of the education of children grown up in Hong Kong. The most important is MONEY, which is the very key thing they have to look for after they graduate from school. Perhaps they never really had a chance to develop their talent and ask themselves what their interests are.

I started my career in advertising, which was the working field I had been dreaming of. However, after working there for a while, I stareted asking myself "What's next? How about 3 years later? 5 years? 10 years?" Looking from one side, perhaps I was not that 'tough' making me not that capable to stay; on the other hand, even if I were 'tough' enough, what's so special staying? Then, I decided to leave advertising. At least, I did try.

The next question I asked myself 'What do I like actually?'. There came an opportunity, which made me realize I like working away from Hong Kong. I got the chances to make some business trips to Germany, USA, the Mainland China. In a year, probably half of the time I was away. Most of the time when I got 'online', my friends would asked "Where are you?".

That definitely was an interesting job. Yet, after quite some while, I started asking myself again "Is this the life I want to live?" And then, I questioned myself, "Ok, seems I really like doing a Marketing job. But then should I choose the product I like, so I can do better in Marketing, and have more fun?"

Next, I found it. I started working in the wine industry...

(To be continued)

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