Dedicated to YOU who are living your life

What I think "culture" is and what that means to me are the very first two questions I asked when I started writing. I believe "culture" is actually just a kind of "binding force" created among a group of people living somewhere in a society. Because of their interaction and attraction towards one another, there comes the spark which create "culture".

Realized there are quite some terms about "culture" such as "pop culture", "cultural events". Personally, I don't have much feeling towards all these as I feel like they are somehow "technical" and "academic". Here, I am not going to look into all these...

Instead, I would like to note down what I notice around, through my eyes, from my ears, by my nose... what I think and how I feel. Basically is just a record of my everyday life in words, making up what I would call "living culture".

Though a bit weird to say like this, but quite true that "time flies" - that means we feel like time is passing too fast, too soon. Especially in Hong Kong, everyone is so busy around here and there, with work, with travel, with activities.. sometimes, I doubt if anyone has ever let themselves stop for a while to take a look at the small pieces around.

I guess while I have been to quite a few countries by now, and I realized there are so many tiny little things going on in different cultures at the society. I started to pay more attention to details in our daily living. Probably the very first step we have got to do is start appreciating our lives - no matter we feel happy or sad, whether we like it or not, just appreciate and treasure everything, anything.

Once we know how to appreciate, we treasure, and then we could see the details, plus live happily. All the best!

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