"Grandma, I love fish & chips. I hope you like too."

Thanks God for the sunshine during holiday, bringing me the mood to move my temporary office to the beach! So, despite some kind of upset mood for some reason, I went alone to the beach in a Sunday afternoon!

Lovely sunshine - really wanna get tanned (a bit).

I took the one-hour-ride ferry from Central to Mui Wo. I particulary chose the 'ordinary' one, meaning it is cheaper & slower. Really enjoyable seeing the blue sky, the blue sea and feeling the heat from the sun!

Whenever I was on the sea, I could feel the energy from the Nature. Another thought was - we, human beings, might think the Nature belongs to us most of the them. Yet, think deep, that might not be the case. We are in fact in the hand of the Nature! Especially these days, we are kind of immersed in the thought about earthquake, tsunami, tornado,etc. - that is true and we should have recognized that fact easily!

Anyway - so I stayed there on the beach under the sun for around two hours, and decided that I wanted to move to another place - Discovery Bay!

One of the best place I like in town. When I was there, I felt more like I'm away from Hong Kong!! It's like a little corner of expats!

I got to say clearly, I AM CHINESE. Just that my lifestyle or some of my thinking is not that 'Chinese'. Probably that is the reason why I love being away from Hong Kong, or stay there in Discovery Bay! There, I found 'my world'.

Bit tired after some sunbath indeed, so I went to a restaurant and wanted to stay there for dinner. I sat beside another table of four - Mom & Dad & two little boys. Did not mean to pay attention to their conversation, but I overheard a few words there.

Dad was holding the all-in-one phone, taking video of the boys. He asked the younger one to say a few words to Grandma. Then he said, "Grandma, I love fish & chips. I hope you like too."

Next moment, I smiled from my heart. Kind of touching for the fact that this little boy reminded me something.

It seems when we love something, we want others to love that too. This is especially true when we were kids, we somehow thought that whatever we loved, our family, Mom & Dad, and Grandparents would love them too - or we wanted them to love those too. When we grow up, it seems there are a lot more temptation/ choices around - then we got the money to buy something we 'love' or they 'love'. 'Individualist' mentality came in. We would then easily forget that sharing something we love with others, or when someone else wants to share with ourselves what they love - is actually some kind of blessings!

Spread your passion today - tell others what you love, and love what others love too!

P.S. "Hey, I love wines. I hope you like too."

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