On the way to Melbourne

April 10, 2010 (Sat)

9am Qantas flight to Melbourne - making me wake up at 6am, ready to leave home by 6.30am.
So there I was at the airport, checked-in.
Before going to the gate, I had my breakfast at a really slow pace.

In fact, I used to be really rush at trips before - but somehow not sure why, this time - just so relaxed.
Probably that's because my itinerary and almost everything were so well-prepared already... so, no worry at all.
(Or, so far, I didn't worry about anything much! So already kind of my 'practice'!? Anywayz.)

I did the online check-in on Friday indeed, I chose the window seat with just ONE more seat next to me before going to the aisle.
There was the big guy sitting there next to my sit when I boarded the plane.
After a while, we greeted each other, and started chatting!

Gosh - he's australian, married to an English woman, with the little kid - both wife & kid now in London.
So there he just got off from the plane from Heathrow, London, transit through Hong Kong, going back to Melbourne!
Most interesting - he studied creative media, then went working for a publishing compnay, doing IT magazines.
He also did write some columns for the IT magazine.
Right now, he is a primary school teacher!

We chatted and chatted... almost half of the flight hours!
He also plays African drum & acoustic!!
He's also interested in knowing Chinese culture & politics (a bit).
All everything so interesting indeed - so there I made a new friend on the plane!

Apart from the chat, I watched two on-demand movies: 'Avatar' (which I didn't have much intention going to see when it was on in cinema) and 'The Hurt Locker'.
Two movies both made me feel bit heavy indeed - both somehow about 'war & peace'.
I don't really know why we got the idea about war, and conquering...

9 hours gone really quick!
There - I arrived at Melbourne!!


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