Last day in Australia - moved & touched (Part II)

Couldn't stand staying in front of the 'Roll of Honour' seeing all the names of the dead -
I went for a coffee at the cafe next to the Australian War Memorial.

While having my coffee,
I overheard the story told by a veteran sitting next to me,
he was telling his story to another lady at his table.
I couldn't really imagine how life was at that time,
although probably one might tell me 'why bother? there is no war in your country!'

Inevitably, all I heard has provoked some thoughts in mind -
some thoughts about life & dead;
some thoughts about love & hate;
some thoughts about war & peace.

It was still early morning - just 8am.
I had been to the 'Roll of Honour' only - but I wanted to visit the special exhibition ongoing there, which was named 'Of Love and War', featuring the relationships and affairs at war times.
It will open at 12noon.

So, 4 more hours - what to do?
I didn't want to go back to city centre, so then I decided to stay for the National Ceremony!
(What an Australian life I had!!! I haven't been to the National Ceremony of HKSAR or PRC! What a shame....)

There was the ceremony, parade... Prime Minister... Consulate-General from the different embassies...
I was among these guys at the Ceremony!
I couldn't really remember all the things I have seen - and who the parade people are.
All I could recall was the last minute of the ceremony, before the 'big guys' left -
the noise from the Royal Australian Air Force aircraft right above me!

Stunning - I have never imagined that kind of noise... like a needle piercing into my ears.

There I was,
at the National Ceremony among all the Australians.

(to be continued)

'Roll of Honour' at Australian War Memorial:

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