Goodbye & See You!

Time flies unbelievably fast - it has come to the last day of the 'Wine Australia Travel Scholarship' trip.
It's the last day of it in Sydney. Time to say goodbye to my travel companions, who I was with for the past 10 days.

That's kind of crazy having a trip with 6 others who you have never met before, and from different places over the world.
And it was a 10-day trip - surrounded with wines, embraced by the sunshine under the very blue sky.
We chatted about wines, had good food, smiled, laughed, had bit of singing, little dancing steps, games, riddles...
Just fabulous!

That's hard to believe that it has come to the end of the trip,
and we had to say goodbye to each other.

Then we would be back on the track of our lives at our homes spreading across the world -
USA, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Austria, Ireland, Hong Kong.

Yet, no doubt, I believe all of us would remember the days - sometime in 2010 -
meeting some crazy strangers from different part of the world & passionate wine people from Australia,
and making new friends over glasses of wines!

I wish all my new friends there happy lives and keep enjoying every moments!

On this day - before 'Goodbye', I had a morning walk along the harbour.
That was early as 6am-ish, and there was the wonderful sunrise scenary.
Another brand new day has begun indeed.

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