Explore - [SEARCH] - Rethink - Learn

Lucky me getting the opportunities to travel to some countries around the world.
Remembered that I wrote something about my 'reason to travel' -
not really thinking of 'escape' by now, but all I want is to keep exploring.

I couldn't recall when I started liking the idea of 'exploration'.
I used to be really rigid, stubborn (perhaps still a bit now) and wanted to go with MY flow.
After sometime, maybe due to the 'accumulation' of travel experiences,
I realized the process of 'exploring' could mean searching around -
for things that I don't know, and then go with OTHER'S flow.

Yes, there are theories saying that we tend to pay attention to things that we have heard of,
or have seen before. But, when you are out there somewhere you have never been to before, and you are not joining a tour - you got to do everything on your own, you'll realize how little you know.
Plus, there are THEIR ways to work things out, there are THEIR patterns of living.
You simply just can't stick to your own idea or pace sometimes.

Then you may have to rethink how to work things out,
with THEIR way while not losing your own appetite for things around.
(After all, travel should be a happy & enjoyable experience!)

If you are open-minded enough, and take this as a 'learning opportunity',
you would learn something at the end indeed!
Sooner or later, everything is a happy thing - as you would believe
'there's always the way out'.

During my stay in Canberra, I noted the words below - about [SEARCH] in a new place. Enjoy!


I brought with me my wife and daughter, rice cookies, and a small green buddha

I brought with me my mother's handmade linen

I brought with me traditional medicines, hair oil, tamarind and gold

Coming to a new place I brought my heart

I've brought something from each of the countries I've lived in

I have come from a very crowded city in Europe

I come from an ancient country

When I first arrived I went in the wrong direction for an hour

Before the plane landed all I could see were rolling green hills and water holes

To get here we travelled by bus for three days and nights

Which way is east?

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