An end marks another beginning - note from Australia.

It has come to almost the end of my trip in Australia - 2 more days to go.
Have been thinking about the 'theme' of my trip indeed.
Although for sure, WINE is definitely one that comes TOP OF MIND,
I found there are much more than just WINE.

Not until I came over here in Australia,
I realized that I really have been travelling a lot.
(Of course, compared with my CRAZY friends somewhere out there,
I am just no way comparable!!)
With all the travelling experiences, I learnt a lot for life.
Plus, all different experiences have brought me different thoughts about life.

I used to think that I got to listen to the voice from within,
for who I am, what I'm doing, what I care, who I love, what I love - hate - dislike - like...
Everything was from within myself, as I still got the choices throughout my trip.

Out of expectation - I found this trip has got me something new.
I wasn't really listening to myself - or the 'voice from within',
but the sound around me - from the Nature and from people around me.

My 'wine itinerary' was completely planned in advance and - (forgive me to say) - I got no choice indeed. So,
I was there in the vineyard - seeing the snail next to the grapes;
I was there on the field - looking over the green piece of land under the blue sky;
I was there up on the mountain - walking slowly as if I was dancing in the ballroom, just because I was so scared of slipping down and rolling over down the slope and not able to go back home forever;
I was there watching the ants running on the mud, knowing their ways, stopping sometimes without the help of traffic lights;
I was there listening to the winemakers, who were sharing how the grapes were grown, what biodynamic was, how their wines were made with passion & experience;
I was there sleeping on the grass, looking up into the sky, and hearing the fly buzz next to me;
I was there playing with the dog at the guesthouse up on the hill;
I was there just daydreaming, hearing the music on the way to winery or the stories from my wine travel companions...

A strange trip somehow - for I didn't hear myself at all.
All I heard was the voice from the Nature and people around me.

Back to the question - about the 'theme' of the trip.
Definitely WINE will make up a great part of my trip, and
I will have dedicated webpages about that.
Still - I believe there is out there a 'theme' for my whole trip.

In fact, I got one sparkled in mind - will see by tomorrow if that's really the ONE.
Yes - tomorrow - because I planned to go to the dawn service on the ANZAC day,
and then visit the War Memorial.
Everyone here was telling me that would be touching - I believe so.

Probably that would help me 'conclude' my trip on the last day of my stay in Australia.
Last but not least, I'm sure that 'conclusion' (or 'the end') will mark another beginning of my life.

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