Atomic Collision

Overwhelmed by really thoughtful mood, I couldn't stop thinking a lot. I have spoken to people from different industries, different background, new friends, friends I know since childhood years, business partners, professors, my students... all the chats and sharings made me think.

I was telling my friend this afternoon that I suddenly felt like I am not the 'usual self' at the moment. Somehow, I felt bit annoyed by that. I couldn't find out the way to express, instead, I found a picture here to describe.

That's the picture from google after I typed 'atomic collision' for searching an image of that.

I think that best describes what I am facing - probably I am now in the stage shown in the middle: in transition. Put that in simpler terms, probably that means 'transformation'.

Thanks for everyone who shared with me their thoughts, listened to my ideas & discussed with me the issues I had, and ones who spent time accompanying.

Do think the 'transformation' will be completed very soon... July is coming - that will be another new stage of living.

Remarks: anyone knows that after the transition stage, is the 'total mass' the same as before though?


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