What Life is All About? (Part II)


I doubt suddenly because I felt quite some heartbreaking moments these days,
despite the happiness and wonderful moments shared with good friends & very special person around.

On 24th - I spent the time making the tiramisu for my friends;
25th - I had lunch with my family, then party with friends at night til late;
26th - rest after whole night drinking wines + shots (tequila, vodka, moutai) + beer with vodka;
27th - originally thought of working, but then I gave up. Instead, I went shopping for food, and did some cooking for my dear (though for sure my cooking skills need to be improved...). Plus I watched 'A Beautiful Mind' again.

28th - I am back to crazy work. All my holiday mood was completely gone. Found so many emails jammed in my mailbox after the few days of holiday - kept replying, kept thinking, kept doing work.

That's why I got the question in mind,
all the ups and downs, all the happiness and sadness, all the holiday & work led me to the question:
'What Life is All About?' -- 'What Living is All About?'

Keep working, keep loving, keep repeating,
keep seeing people come and go,
keep experiencing life and death,
keep smiling, keep crying,
keep jumping, keep yelling,
keep reading, keep writing
keep drinking, keep getting drunk,
keep exercising, keep eating.

No clue - simply no clue, no answer.
Or a mix of the above is actually the 'answer'?

Right, so...
'(Why bother) What Life is All About?' -- '(Who cares) What Living is All About?'

Just keep going - work well with passion, love well with heart, live well with our souls. Then no matter what life is all about, no bother.

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