"A Beautiful Mind"

Watched the movie "A Beautiful Mind" again.

I could not recall how I felt at the time when I first watched the movie. Yet, watching it again now made me feel so much about the story and life. Today, I saw love and persistence in the movie.

We are always bound with uncertainties, and changes. When we are up to some potential changes, there are uncertainties. Then there comes the reluctance of changes because we are uncertain how things could go. Things may go really wrong and unacceptable. Or, actually - make a bet, things may go great out of expectation too!

Life after all is a game, we got the chance to make better life out of the change, or we can end up miserable because of the change we decided to go after. However, I believe 'perception means the most' or 'perception is the reality'.

If we perceive the change is going to be good, it gonna be good. We got to believe first. If we never believe things will go good, it will never be good - perception made us believe changes are no good.

That applies to how we deal with problems. Do we believe that the problem can be solved, and it's a matter of time & trick? How much time & effort are we willing to spend on solving the problem?

We face problems in life everyday - big or small, life-threatening or easy-going, or about finding out the 'truth'. In fact, how we deal with problems is actually a matter of our mentality and mindset. Also, it's a matter of how persistent we can be.

Be persistent requires loads of effort, generating from within. It is not easy. I am sure. Really not easy. After all, we are just human being, and not perfect at all. We could be weak sometimes. However, I am sure while we are just human being, getitng the support & love from someone around could actually makes the difference. That's also what I saw in the movie.

Wish you all my friends - enjoy loving others, and being loved by others.

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