What Life is All About? (Part I)

I doubt. Suddenly I was in doubt - what life is all about?
Or, should I rephrase it as 'what living is all about?'

There are people spending millions or billions of dollars for the super expensive hobbies,
there are people on the street, begging for just a few dollars to survive.

There are people starving somewhere out there in the world,
there are people wasting the food out there just because the food doesn't taste 'good'.

There are people fighting for life in hospital,
there are people killing themselves for not being happy.

There are people getting drunk everyday, simply to 'escape from reality',
there are people working hard to fight on and keep themselves going in reality.

There are people asking 'why the bad things always happen on me?',
there are people asking 'why I have to recall the bad things all the time? No worries, be happy!'.

There are always different thoughts about life, and about living.
Some people may have never thought of that, because they simply live the life,
yet, there are some people (perhaps like me) always thinking the meaning behind
almost everything including life & living.

I didn't mean to have myself trapped in there and keep thinking,
bet I learnt the way out already.
I also didn't mean to be just thinking, not acting, and not living my life at the fullest.
Yet, thinking sometimes could help us redefine our goal in life, who we are, and
where we are heading to.
Without thinking from deep inside, I felt like I am just a machine, a gadget,
not a human being with heart and soul.

Once there was program failure, or not enough battery,
the machine, the gadget would simply be DEAD, relying on someone to help.
Only if we are one with heart and soul, and dare to spend time thinking,
not playing around on the internet without talking to anyone at all,
then we are ALIVE!

So here comes the question of the day at this late hour,
'What life is all about?' -- 'What living is all about?'

[to be continued]

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