What if I'll be losing you...

"What if I'll be losing you?"

That has been a question in mind recently.
I couldn't stop thinking of that,
just because I feel so close towards you.
Perhaps too close that I feel like I should step back,
and get a bit away from you.

I know, if I get too close to someone,
I will be madly into that person.

I know, if I keep a distance there,
I feel comfortable that we'll stay close forever indeed.

I don't know, if I keep too far away from you,
whether I would still be happy or not though.
That's because for sure,
I'll be losing you one day.
You will be away.

I don't know, if I really pull myself real close to you,
what would be next, or how it would be if someday,
I'm losing you......

I am sure that I got to stop thinking of this.
Enjoying the moments should be more important -
no matter if I could stay close to you,
or if I decided to keep the distance from you,
or you'll really be going away one day.

What if I'll be losing you?
It no longer matters, because I had enjoyed the moments.
That would be lasting forever, even if I will be really losing you.

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