Beauty of the Nature


Never felt myself a 'professional photographer'.
Just happened I would like to capture the moment,
and what I saw through my eyes, heard with my heart...

I felt that I saw 'beauty' through my eyes, and
I heard the voice from deep inside all things around.

Believe it or not,
the Nature is alive - just like us.
It speaks,
it sleeps and wakes up,
it breathes,
it needs energy...

Energy. Where does it come from?
I think it comes from praise, appreciation,
and most important of all - love.

Love the Nature, treasure the Nature.
If you have not yet noticed the Beauty of Nature,
take a slower pace at life today, and
spend a few minutes every day to have a look around.

Or, just close your eyes, listen to the sound from the Nature.
You'll hear the whisper from the Nature,
and the chit-chat among all the different ones alive.

Sooner or later,
you'll learn to appreciate and treasure the Nature.
Eventually, that also means you'll learn how to
live well with your love for the Nature.

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