A touching day which made me wanna cry

Yes, a really touching day which I had today.
Just wanna cry loud.

Yet, once again,
I want to say, it is not because I'm really sentimental or feeling sad,
it's just because I feel more than happy & thankful that I wanna cry.

I had some huge impact on my life, on my living;
I was touched by something, somebody;
I also got some 'undecided' feeling came up in my heart;
and I came across some touched feeling which I have not had for these years.

All everything
made me touched.

On this day,
I realized there are so many things which are not under MY control at all.
What I could do,
is actually 'let it go, let it be'.
Simploy nothing more than that.

Perhaps the touched feeling
actually came from this.. 'let it be'.

If we are meant to be going together, the day will certinaly come;
if not, we just said HI there when we met face to face,
it is still OK.
All I could is to say 'We will meet one day if it meant to be.'

Note: Friends, no worry. All words here not related to my relationship issues (which quite some friends have been hearing some kind of 'story' from me. Anyway.). All these are related to an interview I attended this morning, so that's the only reason why i was touched. Yes, it was the interview which was kind of one that I was so much emotionally attached to. Nothing much, everything fine, life still goes on. All well, just suddenly a few words about my feeling of the day.

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