One Minute

No matter when we are awake or deep in sleep,
time elapses silently.

People usually remember some special days,
earthquake happened somewhere,
or the day when two meet each other... ...

In fact, have we ever noticed at some particular moment,
where we were,
who we were staying with,
and what we saw?

That one minute, what were I doing?

Just read my friend Joyce's note,
and her sharing of the movie clip 'Days of Being Wild',
then I came up that question in mind.

One minute,
without heater or clothes in the coldness out there,
it is like a whole lifetime;
chatting with friends over some wines,
one minute could be like just one second;
staying with lovers,
it could be like just 1/10 second,
time passes really quick;
being apart from each other,
one minute is like one hour.

I remembered the one minute
at the countdown for a few years;
the one minute when I saw the sunrise in Croatia;
the one minute when I was crying outside St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican;
and also... ...

To me, a date means nothing,
instead, that one minute means a lot.

克羅地亞的一分鐘|The one minute in Croatia.

梵蒂岡的一分鐘|The one minute in Vatican.

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