Sense of Life

Thanks for everyone teaching me so much, and through all learning, I discovered quite some sense of life. I bet what I called 'sense of life' is indeed some sort of opinions I have in mind based on my experience and thoughts.

Not sure if it is good or bad to have such sense of life at this stage of life. Yet, it is here already, so just take it easy and live with that all through my journey of life.

However, I believe it is not easy to go through my journey if i keep walking like how I do now. Might be just don't walk, fly or speed drive to get it through...

What I have learnt is not something philosophical. The most inspiring ones are:
1) PhD = poor, hungry and desperate
2) Everyone got an A: A shoulder!
3) Something gonna be out of your control. It doesn't matter if you want to do that or not, you still have to do that.
4) Ask yourself what you have done first.
5) Something not your business, you can just ignore; something your business, you can still ignore.
6) Language is the biggest barrier of communications.

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