'Where came all the inspiration?'

That was a very good question which I didn't really know how to answer. Without an answer there, my dear friend said 'you must be a very complex woman.' Well... hmmmm.....

Women are always that 'complex' and unpredictable. This second, she is happy; next second, she suddenly screams, yells, jumping on her high heel, or even crying all a sudden without saying a word... whatever, that's women.

Back to that question, I guess the answer is... 'all came from my heart, because of love.' Probably it's because of the sympathy, because of love, because of the feeling, because of all my friends, because of my ex- and lover(x)... all these have brought me the inspiration.

Sometimes, I heard people saying 'lack of inspiration'. Indeed, I believe there is always inspiration - no matter how dull the life you are living, or how boring your job is. It's just a matter whether you can uncover that inspiration sleeping in your heart, and if you could find the way to releash that potential and make the way to express the inspiration.

Anyway, keep going, keep looking for the way, and be happy!

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