My dream house

Have been so busy with work & family matters recently, I got such a tight schedule that I couldn't even have my own private time to think. Not to mention about going to beach, or enjoying a cup of coffee. Being someone 'workaholic' in the eyes of my friends, of course I believe I could stand for such a busy life. I have also accepted the fact that such would bring me some consequences like headache or stomach ache. However, on the other hand, being such a free-minded person and loving freedom so much, such kind of days are... pretty... difficult for me to tolerate.

Anyway, I believe I need to focus and spend 10x effort to finish up all the work in hand, plus fulfill all the responsibilities I have taken up. I hope the day when I can leave all these behind will come soon, and then I will find my 'dream house'. After that, I can live the life I like, looking at the sea and chatting with the seagulls everyday...

A house along the seaside in Italy.

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