@Europe - day 15 (08.07.02)

Got pretty mad in love with CROATIA. What a wonderful country indeed. For I have visited just two cities - SPLIT and ZAGREB - and staying in these places for just 4 days... I do believe that I wanna come here to ZAGREB, and CROATIA again.

People here in CRO are so friendly, and happened that I met really nice people here... a lady bought me raspberry at the market, the reception at hostel gave me a free gift... then I met Hong Kong new friends here.. and Japanese friends... and then an artist in Gallery... so brilliant!!!

Not to forget.. friends from Hungary and US I met in SPLIT. And thanks for the guys treating me WHISKY at hostel, plus the very nice chat with new friend who worked in BOSNIA EU office before... and the one about AMSTERDAM!!


Today, I took a morning train from ZAGREB to BUDAPEST. Yea.. finally I got here at BUDAPEST! Was about to come here 3 years ago with my friend, but because of the tight schedule, we had to drop that.. NOW I AM HERE!

It took me from 7am till 3pm - altogether 8 hours - to get here. I did not take a night train this time for I wanna see the LAKE BALATON during daytime. That is one of the biggest lake in Europe, yet I could't make it to stay there this time... hopefully, I can make it one day to come again...

Then after settled down here at the AMAZING HOSTEL, I got out to enjoy a wonderful meal with very nice atmosphere - plus great lively piano music. Also, enjoyed great food, from the typical Hungarian "beef soup", to appetizer sampler (got goose liver coated with white chocolate + toast with eggplant cream & sun-dried tomato + beef tartar), to Hungarian white wine, to Hungarian dessert + cappucino... then got another red wine with some salami at hostel to accompany my writing here...

Gosh... real good appetite... for having all such wonderful food and wine. Gotta go market to get some fresh stuff tomorrow to cook by myself @hostel... so funny, they got a real fully equipped kitchen. I could find wine glasses here!! (P.S. very good deal indeed... staying here 3 nights... less than 30EUR in total...)

Tentatively, I am staying here in BUDAPEST for 3 days.. then wanna move the wine region - EGER and TOKAJ - and stay there for another 3 days.

After Hungary... next stop gonna be POLAND!! Yea... finally decided I wanna make it there this time too! Will do KRAKOW and WARSAW.

Anyhow... do think I will make it to Eastern Europe again sooner or later.. I just love it really...

[ to be continued ]

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