@Europe - day 11 (08.06.28)

Already in CROATIA by now.

Dropped by Rome and stayed there for one night, then moved on to Crotia by ferry. Arrived here this early morning at 7am.

During my stay in Rome, visited some new places where I had not yet been before. Walked along some streets with Michelin restaurant, arts shop, travel book store...

Went to the theatre and watched an opera show CARMEN. Most wonderful I have ever had so far.. (sorry, even better than the Sicily one.. and even better than Phantom of the Opera - though Phantom is not really opera.. but musical...) - I liked so much the voice, the stage, and the special effect projected there... so interesting.. never have imagined there would be digital special effect at an opera show!!

Then I travelled all the way to SPLIT, CROATIA from the port called ANCONA in Italy (4 hours train from Rome). I saw the sunset when i got on ferry... then the starry night at around like 3am-4am.. then sunrise at 5am-ish... amazing indeed.

SPLIT is kind of like a small town, with beaches all along... and historical sites. At first, I wanted to stay here for just one day, and head off to those islands around. Now, I decided to stay here for another two days, then I gotta take the bus to ZABREB, which gonna be my last city to stay in CROATIA.

Here my first day in Eastern Europe... there will be around another 2 more weeks in Eastern block...

[to be continued]

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